Jackson Ready to Step Forward

A New Civic Covenant

At the Community Foundation for Mississippi, we have a rich and storied history of bringing together people who are committed to investing their time and resources in efforts to improve their communities and create a better quality of life for their friends, families, and neighbors.  In that tradition, we have partnered with the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation to lay the groundwork for A New Civic Covenant – Jackson Ready to Step Forward. Last summer, we identified a small group of thought partners who were interviewed about their aspirations and concerns for the city of Jackson. After the conversations, we brought them together to discuss some of the issues and underlying conditions shaping Jackson and explore ways for the people in the community to move forward together with shared responsibility for Jackson’s success.

You can read the full report to learn more.

Apply to The Harwood Institute’s Public Innovators Lab

In the next phase of this work, CFM will host The Harwood Institute’s Public Innovators Lab to identify up to 75 community members who will train to become a collective force for change. Our public innovators will receive ongoing coaching and support, to become the driving force for collective action across our city. We welcome your support for the metro area, for good, forever.

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